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In December 2020, our USMFA President Dean McCraw's wife lost her fight with cancer, now Dean and his family have found a way to honor her memory. Here's what Dean had to say:

       "This past week would have been my bride's 63rd birthday if cancer had not taken her from us. In honor of her nursing career, we have established a scholarship in her memory. It is the Beverley C McCraw Nursing Scholarship and will be awarded to nursing students at her alma mater, Georgia Southern's Armstrong Campus.
      The video has a co-worker and a mother of a patient talking about Beverley's nursing career. The video was done by Elizabeth Kaiser of Madlawmedia. I can highly recommend them for anyone's media needs.
       A special thanks have to go out to Liz, Danielle Gibson and Lorretta Anderson. These three ladies did all the work on the video with very little input from me.
     What Ms. Anderson does not note is that her daughter lost her fight as well and that Beverley attended the funeral to show her support of Ms. Anderson. Beverley was truly committed to being the best nurse she could be."

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