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We are delighted that you have found our web site!  Are you one of us? Are you interested in learning more about your ancestry? If so, then maybe you’ll consider joining our Association.

We are a nationwide group of descendants of William Maccraw and his 9 children who you can learn more about through this web site. We have a wealth of information and benefits available to our members: from our regular newsletters, to our DNA project to the extensive history compiled by earlier members of our group into the massive book entitled It’s McCraw not McGraw. 

The USMFA holds a nationwide reunion on even years in various places throughout the country.  In 2016 we met in Little Rock, Arkansas; in 2018 we met in Mt. Airy, North Carolina; in 2022 we met in Fairhope, Alabama and in 2024 we will meet in Beckley, WV.  The reunion  is  a  great  time  to  connect  with  other  family  members throughout the country, learn more about your ancestry, learn more about ongoing research being conducted by various members, and simply have a good time.

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The USMFA membership for a 2-year period and costs $45. We also have a combo option where for $85 you can get a two year membership AND you get a digital copy of the book "It’s McCraw, Not McGraw" on a USB flash drive along with many other books related to our genealogy and other important documents.

To join online, select your membership option from the list above (with or without flash drive) and then click "Add to Cart" to be routed Paypal for a secure transaction using either your credit card or your Paypal account. A non-refundable $4.00 convenience charge is added to all online payments.  After your payment completes your receipt will appear on the screen for you to print and a copy will be emailed to you as well. At the bottom of the page with your receipt will be a link to "Return to Merchant" and when you click this you will be routed to an online application form to give us your family/membership information to complete the enrollment process. If you have any problems with the online process, please feel free to email our webmaster at:

To join by mail, please click "Submit your Membership App BY MAIL" to open our membership application. Once you download the form, you will be able to fill it in using your computer or you can complete it by hand. Either way, print and send your completed application and payment to our Treasurer at the address on the form.

We look forward to having you as a member and getting to know you!

We are the United States McCraw Family Association!

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