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During the American Revolution, William I's grandson William III (Via William II) was appointed as the Deputy Quartermaster in charge of supplying General Nathan Greene's army during their Southern Campaign through the end of the war:

“March 11th 1781. The Enemy having retired from Dan river, Mr. William McCraw is appointed to that Station and to keep his principal post at Winbushes Stores in Peytonsburg." - Edward Carrington, D.Q.M. Genl. for the S. Army & Richard Claiborne, D.Q.Mr. S.V.

At one time, Quartermaster McCraw sent out a caravan of 40 wagons, packed with supplies and foodstuffs of every kind as well as cattle, hogs and sheep herded down the road to the hungry army.

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In tribute to, and as a reminder of our family's connection to our Nation's struggle for independence we have christened our online shop the USMFA's Quartermaster's Shop! All of our merchandise was prepared by us and we have used third-party vendors to produce our goods and process the sales. All items will be shipped to you by our vendors and we never have access to your billing or credit card information as they provide secure online transactions.

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