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Janet Harvey with USMFA Board Member Steve McGraw

As in the recent past, my major focus for the next two years will be to concentrate the USMFA's ongoing efforts to learn as much as possible about William Maccraw I and the history and origins of our family. In addition to this, at our Sunday members-only business meeting, our organization endorsed a plan to identify up to 5 men on the Isle of Skye with names similar to ours and a long family history in the area and conduct Y-DNA testing on them via Family Tree DNA. 

Finally, thank you for electing me president of this impressive family association; I will do my best to live up to our legacy of decades of active genealogical research and positive results as established by the likes of Carol McCune McCraw,  Faye McCraw Moore, and many others.

Some of you already know, but we will be making our official announcement of our 2024 Reunion Site here on our website and on our Facebook Pages on July 17th! Until then, I hope you enjoy our site. If you want to meet our newly elected board and officers for 2022-24, navigate over to our "Contacts" page where you can find out who to reach out to if you have any questions about our organization. Please feel free to reach out to us if we may be of assistance to you in any way.

Also, be on the lookout for our completely revamped website coming early in 2023!


Steve McGraw

USMFA President

A Message From Our Newly Elected President. . .

Greetings, United States McCraw Family Association members and friends!  I am gratified to report that in June - thanks to hostess Phyllis Pittman - we enjoyed a very fun and successful biennial reunion in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama.

Our 2022 Reunion was a GREAT SUCCESS!!

Joy Rushing with USMFA Board Member Scott McGraw

The Holiday Inn Express, program presenters, various local restaurants, banquet caterer and Irish music trio Gan Ainm were all top notch, and our group interactions and camaraderie were the best ever. Our new USMFA Carol McCraw Award of Merit for 2020 was bestowed upon Carol McCune McCraw with book co-author Joy Rushing accepting, and for 2022 upon Dr. Faye McCraw Moore with her daughter, Janet Harvey, accepting.

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